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WMA Attends RevitalizeWA 2018


The Washington Trust for Historic Preservation sponsored the annual Main Street conference which was held in Port Townsend, WA April 23-25. Jill Thompson and Lisa Davies attended, bringing a variety of new ideas and thoughts back to Waterville regarding the preservation of our downtown buildings, along with the supporting of our present business community.

There is always a varied offering of classes and trainings at the annual conference, and one of the most important sessions that Jill and Lisa attended was presented by the Friday Harbor Historic Preservation Coordinator, where smaller towns and cities were able to present and discuss challenges they are presently working on.

A general feeling of many of the rural Main Street Communities who attended was they felt a need to pare down this type of session to only include small, rural towns, as our challenges are unique to our size and locations. We will be working with Friday Harbor to put on a training such as this in 2019 with Breanne Durham, Washington State Main Street Director, working with us to plan the content of the session.

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