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Barn Quilt Application

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the criteria and application for your barn quilt! If you have questions, please let us know!

Criteria for a Barn Quilt

-The building has farm-related history or is in current agricultural use; or the barn quilt design honors a family quilter.  

-The barn quilt will be easily visible from the public road from either on the barn or 4x4 posts.

-Barn is in reasonable condition and has a tidy vicinity surrounding barn. Committee must approve the building on which the quilt will be hung.

-Barn Quilt design is a traditional or modern quilt block, chosen by the farm family. Family quilts are the most desired quilt blocks by our organization.  All designs must be accepted by the barn quilt committee.

-Access and framing prepared prior to installation (Installers have approx. 45 min. allocated to install the Barn Quilt with power lifts and staff)

-Installation date is approximate because of scheduling by volunteers with donated power lift equipment. Organization will call and make arrangements before installation.

-Barn owner agrees that farm address, history and significance of quilt block will be published in a  Barn Quilt Brochure  and the website each year.

-Barn owners must not mind vehicles slowing and stopping to photograph the Barn Quilt from the public road.  (Visitors are advised on the map and the website not to drive down driveways)

 -Payment, application and signed consent form must be returned before scheduling painting of the Barn Quilt.  We hope you are interested in joining our Barn Quilt Trail project. 

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