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If you are interested in participating in any of our committees, please contact us!


Design Committee

The Design Committee often works with the Town of Waterville to enhance the downtown district for both visitors and residents.  Historic building design and restoration, colorful banners, flower baskets, street and alley cleanup, and lighting will improve downtown Waterville to create an inviting place to shop, walk, work, live and invest in.

Organization Committee

The Organization Committee is involved in assisting community efforts to achieve unified goals, bringing the community together to implement a revitalization plan and program.


Promotions Committee

The Promotions Committee works to present a positive image of Waterville through education of the community and visitors, facilitating community events such as Waterville Days and the annual Christmas Tree Lighting, and communicating regarding commercial revitalization activities in the Waterville area through the media.

Economic Restructuring Committee

The Economic Restructuring Committee utilizes existing resources and assets, while attempting to expand and diversify its economic base, recruiting new businesses and converting disused space into productive property. 

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