Barn Quilt Trail

We invite you to explore the Barn Quilt Trail of Douglas County!  Below please find a map of Waterville, as well as photos and descriptions of each of the quilts (below the map).  

Please respect private property when viewing barn quilts. Please do not trespass to view or take pictures.

Below please find photos and descriptions of each of the barn quilts.  Click on the photos to enlarge the photos and begin the slideshow.

#1: Bone Barn
An 8 pointed star surrounds the Corderman family brand on this barn built in 1916 by the current resident's great-grandfather.
#2: Day
Built in 1972 as a butcher shop/smokehouse, this building is now the home of Oldeday's Classic Car Parts and Firearms. Double Dahlia is the quilt block they chose.
#3: Rock Farms Elevator
This 1920's crib style grain elevator has been used by the Rock family to store grain for almost 100 yrs. A shock of wheat is centered inside an 8 pointed star.
#4: NCW Fairgrounds
Bold colors in the barn quilt accent the Community Hall and welcome people to the NCW Fair, Race and Rodeo late in August. The hall is also the site of numerous social events throughout the year.
#5: Daling
Shirley and Richard Daling farmed south of Waterville on land purchased by his grandparents in 1919. This “town” residence became their home when they retired in 1995. The Mariner’s Compass quilt on the garage is reminiscent of the family’s favorite vacation spot, a home on Harstine Island in Puget Sound.
#6: Mires
Lifetime Waterville residents, the Mires' chose Grandmother's Flower Garden design to honor Marvel's grandmother who pieced a similar quilt using flower sacks. Quilt square is located near the front door.
#7: Davies
Quilt enthusiast Lisa chose Bountiful Star to complement their 2011 garage. The Davies came to Waterville to help in harvest and settled here because of the great people they met.
#8: Robinson
Jim and Suzanne chose a Christian cross surrounded by an 8-pointed star for the quilt hung on their garage. This home was built in 2010.
#9: Huber
An avid quilter who loves star patterns, Joyce personalized this Repeating Star Wonder with her own initial in the center.
#10: Heiserman
After helping paint and hang barn quilts in Iowa, Roger designed this Iowa Inspirations quilt for his own property
#11: Knemeyers
A 9-patch surrounded by Flying Geese barn quilt has been handpainted on the west side of
the building which was built using Waterville brick in 1914 by O.C. Knemeyer and E.P. Fuller.
#12: Auntie Bling's Attique
The black & white quilt square, bordered in Rose of Sharon, signifies the vintage items sold in the shop.  Erected in 1905, this building in on the National Historic Register.
#13: Waterville Town Hall
A trio of Patriotic Stars enhance the front of the Town Hall. Waterville, county seat of Douglas County, was platted in 1886, incorporated in 1889, and had electricity and water by 1892.
#14: Nifty Theatre
Built in 1917 as a vaudeville theater and later used for local productions, the quilt design features a harlequin background and theater masks. The theater is currently a private residence.
#15: Stoddard Barn
A Heritage Flag quilt shows off this 1903 barn owned by Clint and Dick Stoddard's grandfather, Ed Stoddard. The barn once served as a livery stable, housing horses for the stagecoach line and more recently has housed pleasure horses and 4-H projects.
#16: Nelson Barn
One of Waterville's original barns sports a classic Friendship Star quilt block.
#17: Petersen Barn
The first blacksmith shop in Waterville and later a place for fanning oats, this small barn holds a Star Within a Star quilt. The Petersens are 4th generation Waterville farmers.
#18: Waterville Recycle Center
Erected in 1995, the Waterville Recycle Center recycles more lbs. per capita than any other recycling center in Douglas County. The center is identified by a barn quilt showing a large recycle symbol backed with bands of primary colors. The quilt is dedicated to the PEOPLE-those who volunteer to run the center and those who faithfully recycle.
#19: Cowling
Built in the early 1900’s by the local grain company, this building currently houses a CPA business. Carol’s Trees quilt represents South Douglas Conservation District’s annual tree sale which Carol manages.
#20: Johnson
Veteran and active service in the Navy led the Johnson family to choose submarine gray to border their patriotic quilt design. An 8-pointed star within an 8-pointed star surround the flaglike symbol. This home was originally built by Charlie Clements, a leading innovator in early TV cable systems.
#21: Waterville Library
In 1903 Anton Guibert used local brick to build this classic store that now houses the Waterville Library. Well preserved, the building is part of the Downtown Historic District. A pair of Readers quilts, purchased by the Friends of the Library, provide bookends for the Waterville Library sign.
#22: Waterville School
A barn quilt designed and painted by art students honors the Shockers and the wheat
raised in the Waterville area. The Waterville School district was organized in 1885. The first gym was built on this site in 1943 and was remodeled/updated in 1995.
#23: Hinderer Barn
Chris Hinderer was given this old state highway shed, built in 1932, for $1 and the promise that he would move it off the state property across the street. Flying Geese surround the horse celebrating the family’s love of horses.
#24: Thompson
Iris in the Grove has been mounted on one of the many one-room schoolhouses that were built throughout the Waterville Plateau in the early 1900’s. Jill honors her family farm, 50 Pines, and her uncle’s hobby of iris cultivation.
#25: Vickery
Built in 1916, this craftsman style home boasts a Union Star quilt near the front door.
#26: Bainbridge Manufacturing
Built in 1975 as a machinery repair shop for a Case IH dealership, the building now houses Bainbridge Manufacturing where small plastic parts are made and shipped worldwide.
#27: Hinderer
This new home is built on property owned by the family since 1938 when E.P. Hinderer moved his family to this location. Lois designed the quilt square.
#28: Ruud
Ole Ruud, the first farmer to turn sod in Douglas County, homesteaded near Badger Mt. in 1883 and registered this brand in 1909. Jim Ruud, Ole’s great grandson, owns and farms the land where the family still uses the brand.
#29: Waterville Clinic
A Twisted Star quilt enhances the clinic which was built entirely from community donations in 1950. Owned by the local health district, this bldg. has housed private doctors, PAs and Confluence Health personnel.
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